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Getting Started, How to Play Arma 3

This guide will walk you through getting started to join the TSOG Arma 3 Server.

If you are having any problems, or to get the necessary passwords, please contact us below:

Step 1:

Add "Fat_Lurch" as a friend on Steam.

This will allow you download some of our private addons.

Step 2:

Download Discord and TeamSpeak to contact and play with TSOG.

Discord is used for day-to-day commuincation.

TeamSpeak is used for our in-game comms via ACRE2.

Step 3:

Download our Mod Lists to play with us.

Download the Mod .html files from the link below.

Once downloaded, drag and drop them into your Arma 3 Launcher Window

All Mod Lists are available online, and are handled by the Steam Workshop.

Step 4:

Join the TSOG Server!

Refer to what joining the server looks in the Launcher and In-Game below.

Once you join, you can mark the server as a Favorite, or search for Recent Servers.

Joining TSOG from the Launcher

Joining TSOG from In-Game

Step 5:

Load the Right Mod List and Join the Server!

There will be notifications in Discord whenever the Mod List changes.

Step 6:

Join TSOG Comms via the ACRE2 mod on TeamSpeak.

ACRE2 will automatically set itself up when you launch Arma 3.

Join TSOG Comms via the ACRE2 mod on TeamSpeak.

ACRE2 only functions if TeamSpeak is launched after the TSOG Server is joined.

Step 7:


Report any bugs or performance issues to [TSOG] Fat_Lurch

Report any gameplay or scenario issues to [TSOG] Roqarr